Manasseh G Wandera

Mr. Manasseh G Wandera is the Executive Director for Society for Family Health Rwanda (SFH) a non-profit organization based in Kigali Rwanda. SFH is a social marketing organization and is a strong voice for the scaling up on nutrition globally and in Rwanda. Under Mr. Wandera’s leadership the organization has made a positive health impact in the area of nutrition in Rwanda and other areas including Family Planning, Water and Sanitation and Maternal and Child health.

Mr. Wandera has led SFH’s active involvement in global initiatives to reduce stunting and malnutrition. SFH is the Chair of the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement in Rwanda and hosts the SUN Offices in Rwanda. SFH is also actively involved in the Accelerating the Scale up of Food and Nutrition Actions (REACH) an organization comprised of various NGO’s that are involved in advocacy for scaling up on nutrition actions in Rwanda. Mr. Wandera has been the Director of SFH’s nutrition programs addressing the challenge of malnutrition and stunting in Rwanda through the projects it implements and collaborates closely with the Government of Rwanda in advocating for nutrition actions.

Prior to joining SFH Mr. Wandera held several senior positions within NGOs and government institutions in Rwanda. He worked with e3 partners Rwanda office as the Country Director where he championed leadership development programs Country wide working with local partner organisations.

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